Great Crested Grebe

These articles are written for the CR6 magazine and reproduced here with the permission of the author, Brian Hobley (01883 625404). If you would like to reproduce them in your magazine, it would be courteous to ask him. 

Not a lot different from last month, though there are signs of spring 2 robins together and not fighting - they must be a pair.
Thank you to all of you who took part in the Big Garden Bird Watch the biggest ever 850,000 and still counting - almost double last year's total.
Our RSPB group had our indoor meeting on Zoom last night about 50 people logged in including this technophobe! If anyone would like to join us check our web site at  
The highlights in the garden, apart from counting 30 house sparrows have been fly-over red kite, black headed and common gulls, a buzzard, song thrush, redwing and wren. A charm of 17 goldfinches was a nice surprise. 
Keep looking and feeding and keep safe.

Brian Hobley

Back again after a winter break in Kingsfold ward at East Surrey Hospital. The team there were brilliant - Florence Nightingale would be proud! Back to bird business - 10 days into the new year and I have had 20 species of birds into the garden: blackbirds, song thrush, robin, dunnock, great, blue and long tailed tits, nuthatch, chaffinches, goldfinches, wren, great spotted woodpecker, ring necked parakeet and lots of house sparrows. One of the house sparrows is a leucistic bird - which means it lacks pigment in its feathers, some of which remain white. A very strange-looking bird but not as white as the bird photographed (see photo) at the Lost Gardens of Heligan which was almost all white.
Brian Hobley